About Me

Composer. Storyteller. 
Energy. Attitude. Creativity. From transparent etherealism to massively dense
opacity, composer Steve Benton can enhance your vision with the music and sound necessary to take it to the next level. A simple moment may need only the slightest touch, a sparse breath of tone to supplement the onscreen 
performance. Or a scene may require a stirring of the soul, a swelling immensity to conjure the depths of emotion luring the audience into darkness or light. Whatever the case, balance and narrative lead the way. 
Steve began his musical studies with percussion in elementary school. After rapidly progressing, he picked up the  guitar at age 13. At 14, he began composing his first symphonic work, diving headfirst into the study of Beethoven, Bach and Mozart. Throughout high school he operated on parallel paths to develop his technique and abilities in percussion, guitar and composition. Often spending 4-6 hours a day practicing. 
After composing extensively for both of those mediums as well as the full orchestral pallet, he decided to enroll at the prestigious University of North Texas School of Music. There, Steve studied Composition and Classical Guitar on a full scholarship. He performed regularly in a variety of percussion ensembles as well classical guitar and "new music" ensembles. While in his final semester, he scored four of the six final film department projects. It was during this time that Steve realized film was the only place that allowed him to pursue every possible idiom of music in a professional setting.
Upon graduation, Steve had in-hand, two degrees in music - for composition and classical guitar performance - as well as an insatiable desire to create new worlds with film & music. This led him to Los Angeles, where he currently resides with his wife and two kids.


Better Now (2020)

Making An Impact (2017)

Frozen Ground (2013)

Harlequin (2013)

Lady Bruins Christmas Slumber Party (2012)

Fourpointfive (2012)

Natalie's Lose Lose (2012)

Freelancers (2012)

King Of The Underground (2011)

AKF360 - Total Body Workout (2010)

The Music Box (2010)

Subprime (2010)

The Dead Undead (2010)

Barney The Beaver's Sideshow Funtime (2009)

Entertainment Tonight (2005)



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